Scan, Sort and Save

One of Australia’s top outsourcing companies has proven that they are taking steps to further the service that they are offering all their clients.

One Half BPO Solutions is focused on cutting operational costs and smoothing out any rough processes. With that, their dedication to this has just taken another interesting turn.

George Kara, the main man behind this company, identified an opportunity to eliminate the requirement of having someone in Australia having to sort documents before they are scanned and sent to the office in the Philippines for processing.

A perfect example is Driver Work Diary Sheets.

Normally someone would has to sort into driver and dater order.

George devised a solution that all that is required is a particular scanner that will scan and do the sorting process.

The big benefit is that no time is required other that placing the sheets into the scanner and pressing a button. The system will do the rest.


  • SCAN




  • SORT




  • SAVE


The beauty of this new process is that it creates on opportunity to review current paper based systems.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Very nice and informative article.


    1. Thanks Melvin! We are doing our best to come up with helpful outsourcing articles.


  2. Great! I’ll look forward on that.


    1. Thanks a lot Melvin!


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