How BPO Companies Decrease The Weight Of Economic Cycle


“You can’t plow a field simply by turning it over in your mind.” ― Gordon B. Hinckley


2015’s global market conditions were described by Tanya Brainwhite, a highly regarded equity market strategist, as a ‘long grinding cycle’.

According to her, Australia’s re alignment of its economic cycle, low inflation/risk deflation and weak demand growth causes the economic cycle to last longer.

Almost every year, business owners reflect on the strategies and plans they have implemented and are continually looking for new techniques to adapt with the global economic trends.


Last January 27, 2016, published an article entitled: “Top 10 Business Leader Insights for 2016”.

James Mason, the author and the managing director of the website highlighted 10 factors that business owners are looking forward to this year:

  1. Ensure growth is profitableBusiness owners need to focus on growth gaps to determine which products and services cost them for the past year and highlight the more profitable ones and make them the priority for the incoming year.
  2. Future-proof products and servicesConducting yearly product review and analysis will help boost customer satisfaction and open future target market opportunities.
  3. Better integrate technologyUpgrading your systems and pinpointing the right software for your business is a game changer. But first, make sure the change starts with a small group first to prevent wasting considerable amount of money.
  4. Adopt agile leadershipAs a business owner, always give time to review your own performance, up skill your techniques and self-audit.
  5. Boost employee engagementFrequent performance reviews, regular meetings and even job description review will always ensure that the team is on the same page. Team building will pin point the high and low areas that you are lacking focus on.
  6. Attract and retain the best teamIn order to improve productivity, team members need to be confident and challenged. Coaching and helping your team improve will drive profitability and retention.
  7. Continuously sharpen the saw Change is but a constant thing. After self- evaluation, do not just set aside the notes/ changes that you wrote down. Training and development is vital especially with the high demands of emerging business trends.
  8. Prioritise projectsDo not restrict your ability to grow because of cluttered projects. Evaluate your existing tasks and filter them out according to your business standards. This will help segregate your priorities and save time.
  9. Boost probability of change successTo prevent ‘ground-hog years’, businesses should be able to review their success probability and what needs to be done in the future.
  10. Problem solving cultureTime pressure and cluttered projects often result to unwanted results. The team should always be on the same page when it comes to strategies and methodologies. To drive change and improvement, the team should be able to determine their project status, where they see themselves in the next days during the project and what they should do to achieve their goals.

These insights will surely be able to help businesses solve 80% of their strategic issues.


Time has always been a valuable commodity when it comes to business. Through these business insights, leaders must be able to set aside time for learning, implementation and adjustment for changes. As we all know, time is money; and to be able to do this, businesses must find another way to remove the tasks that are preventing them from doing so.

BPO companies can provide help with routine volume based tasks, reporting, checking and verifying process. They can also provide you with highly skilled young professionals who are trained and tailored according to your demands.

You will be able to turn your business around; provide you with a global resource access, and give you back the control that you have always wanted while cutting your business costs by more than 70%.

That’s right, you will not just save money, but you will also get help with your business innovations and thus let you have extra time putting these new ideas and processes into action.

A BPO company will deliver positive and significant results for your business.


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