7 Tips to Consider Before You Outsource

When Mike, a business owner, learnt about outsourcing, he was unsure if it was the right move for his business. After all, he did not know if it will work well and if he would be getting the quality of work that he expected. However, after careful deliberation and a trial period, he was able to see that outsourcing did help his business a lot. He had more time to focus on the more important tasks and his revenue went up.

So what should you consider before you actually outsource? There are a lot of factors that could affect your decision when it comes to outsourcing. Here are some important tips that you may want to check out.

Tip #1: Give Yourself More Time

A virtual assistant company can give you more time. This is because the virtual assistant (or assistants) that you would be hiring would do all the necessary and routine tasks that you would want him (or her) to focus on. That way, you do not have to worry about those things that take up too much of your time and instead use that time to do other important work.

Now if you are thinking about outsourcing, you first have to identify which parts of your daily work routine you can outsource and which ones you need to focus on. Think about the tasks that usually take up too much of your time. One good example would be going through your emails to find out which ones are important and which ones can wait.

Tip #2: Know Which Tasks You Want To Outsource

It is highly important that you do an inventory of the tasks commonly done in your business. Which ones are taking up too much time? Which ones are making you spend too much in-house?

Know the ones that you can outsource and see if you can find a company that can do all of the tasks that you want to outsource. There are businesses and companies that hire a virtual assistant for lead generation. You can also choose to have your social media accounts monitored and maintained by outsourcing companies.

Tip #3: Do Not Forget Your Standards

When looking for companies to outsource to, do not forget your standards. Your business surely does have standards when it comes to hiring people who are going to work for you in-house. Do the same thing when it comes to outsourcing. If you are looking for virtual assistant services, do not simply go with any company that offers virtual assistant solutions. Scout and make sure that the company that you would be entrusting the work to fits the standards that you have set for your business.

Tip #4: Look Into A Person’s Character

You would be working with the people you would be choosing to outsource to day in and day out. This is why it is highly important that you know the person that you would be dealing with. Look into that person’s character and see if it is something that you can deal with. Make sure that the character or personality of the person you would be working with fits yours because it would be difficult to deal with a person that has a personality that clashes with yours.

Tip #5: Hire Anywhere

One of the perks of outsourcing is that you can hire a person who can be doing the work you send them from anywhere around the globe. Do not let the geographical location limit you. In fact, in the BPO industry, location is not a problem. As long as the BPO company or the virtual assistants reseller that you choose has a good computer and a stable internet connection, you are good to go.

Tip #6: Look Into Skills And Experience

There are a lot of BPO companies out there who have a talent pool of virtual workers. It is up to you to find the right company with the right people who would be working with you. Be careful when selecting the people who would be working with you. You should do an evaluation of the skills that these people have. They should have the right skill set that would enable them to do the job you have at hand.
On another note, you should also take a look at their experience. A person with experience will be a good candidate for the job.

Tip #7: Be Ready For Training

Before you go and sign any contract with any company that you have chosen to outsource to, make sure that you are ready to provide training to the people you would be outsourcing to. Keep in mind that these people have no idea about the routine that you want them to do. You definitely have your own instructions and your own tasks. Make sure that you are ready and patient enough to provide any person or company you hire with the right training for them to be able to do well the tasks you have for them.


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