BPOs vs Chatbots: Are Chatbots Bane or Blessing?

Technology has brought us chatbots. Many outsourcing Australia companies have invested in chatbots because it helps businesses deal with inquiries or problems or suggestions that come from customers.

What Are Chatbots?

Chatbots are basically computer programs. There are a variety of those online and you just have to find one that would do the tasks that you want it to do. You can find one that can provide virtual assistant lead generation tasks by collecting information of customers through chat. And then the most common would be the one that would answer customer inquiries.

Most of these chatbots would answer inquiries like a normal person would. Many businesses would choose to invest in a chatbot so that they would not have to hire a real person (or a team of people) to actually answer live chats. Of course, this program is actually made so that the person chatting on the other end would not think that they are speaking with a robot instead of a real person.

Any Advantages From Chatbots?

These are very helpful especially if you have a website that has a huge amount of traffic and you also get a huge amount of customers communicating with you. Another good thing about it is that even if there is no one around, your customers can still communicate with your business and they get the answers that they need right at that moment. It helps offshore business solutions Australian companies to spend less as these can do the job of a number of employees for the cost of only one or two.

How About Chatbot Disadvantages?

For people who are in the BPO industry, chatbots can be quite a nuisance. Chatbots may be good offshore business solutions but is it going to be worth the investment? A lot of people in the industry are saying that it can replace a lot of jobs and that is not good on the side of those people who depend on the BPO industry for their bread and butter. If technology can bring us chatbots to replace the customer service experience, technology can also bring us a type of bot that would provide us a virtual assistant company service.

Another downside to using chatbots is that it cannot replace just what a real person can really do. It definitely cannot provide virtual assistant services that are more than what it has been programmed to do. Aside from that, when doing customer service work, it will not be able to answer any questions that may be out of the range of provided questions in its system. Thus, it can only answer basic questions that customers may ask. More than that, it would be drawing a blank. In the end, the need for a real customer service person would be needed.

Technology can definitely provide a lot of good things for the BPO industry. But when it comes to replacing the kind of things that a customer service staff would do, it definitely still has got a long way off before it can actually do that.


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