Outsourcing To Benefit $9 Billion From Health Care In 2020

Healthcare definitely is one hot industry. It has been for a longtime. And experts have agreed that it surely will not slow down in the coming years. Yet. This is because we all need healthcare. And in this time and age when there seemingly is a long list of diseases, conditions, and illnesses, healthcare is very vital.

In working out a good healthcare system though, the tasks can be quite huge. There can be myriads and myriads of files that need to be made digital. Doctors have to sift through tons of paperwork to file the necessary documents. Secretaries have to make sure that all patients’ documents are in order. The tasks can be humongous that is why outsourcing the necessary tasks has been one of the top solutions.

The global outsourcing market definitely has benefitted a lot from this industry. However, experts have seen the numbers and they are predicting that in five years, this part of the outsourcing industry will still continue to grow. The growth will be sure and steady and they are looking at a market of $9 billion by the time we reach the year 2020.

With the various advances in technology like Cloud technology, outsourcing has definitely grown even more. This is a statement that Amit Sharma has disclosed recently. Sharma is one of the lead analysts of Technavio, a company specializing in research on technology, and he works on BPO research as well as outsourcing information technology. Sharma has also disclosed that with regards to the healthcare system, there are processes that are being outsourced and making use of cloud technology. The list of tasks include payroll, contact centers, the needed HR solutions, and even finance and accounting.

Sharma has also continued to state that with BPOs using Cloud-based systems has helped the healthcare industry a lot greater. Businesses and groups in healthcare have actually been able to help lessen their expenses through outsourcing. They also have been able to create new processes and models that would make the delivery of their services even better. Of course, security of the data is one main issue but that has also been made better as there are various ways of keeping data secure especially with Cloud technology.

Their study has even found out that one of the top tasks that would benefit from healthcare outsourcing would be customer relationship management. This was valued to be at $3.87 billion last year. In the next four years, social media will come as a huge medium to let patients communicate easily with any medical professional that they seek help from. The study continued to disclose that this may lead to healthcare providers and outsourcing companies to invest in customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

This is indeed good news for all – be it those in the BPO industry, the healthcare industry, or just ordinary people. These updates and developments definitely will help everyone greatly.

In the meantime, if you are looking to outsource healthcare jobs to professionals, there are always good BPO companies out there that can provide you with the services that you need.


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