Animated Marketing: PowToon

Since our childhood days, cartoons always thrilled us simply by the mere sound of the introductory song. Even with TV. Commercials, ear-pleasing tunes and eye catching videos always get our attention easily.

With the passing of time, tremendous changes took place in terms of modern technology in the world of artistry. Human creativity has gone beyond the typical art as we know it, thus the names of Daniel Zaturansky and Sven Hoffman came into play in the year 2012. They created an animation company called PowToon,. Their business basically is all about a program, PowToon, which allows users to create and manipulate their own characters with music and voice-overs. Definitely a one-of-a-kind marketing strategy to appeal to the modern people.

There are a lot of factors to consider when creating animated advertising as compared to print-based media. Starting from the tiniest details to the entire process itself, everything has to be well made. In comparison to print advertising, the animated form, once it’s done, it will take crucial hours to re-arrange it or redesign it. Thus, creating one must be tactfully done. The conventional ways in the animation and advertising industry has found its way to art modernization.

Bringing in its unique ways to draw artistic people further and art novices to the art world, PowToon, is by far, the best idea that has shaped modern marketing the way it should be. In the field of virtual assistants, it is an effective manner of inviting clients to making their business more profitable. It is a marketing craft that could easily send the message across in a short period and in a straightforward manner. It also establishes that customer connection rather than merely business relations.

As humans, we have the tendency to be more responsive to visual information such as pictures or videos. It is a powerful marketing tool that customers will find more visually enticing than just plain flat images or the usual text. It’s a marketing craft that your target market can watch several times over. This will eventually leave a mark. What is intended to be conveyed will be constantly played in their heads and could further help in spreading the message.

This is also a favorable piece to those working in the field of virtual assistance which could be beneficial to them and to the clients. A number of companies worldwide have shifted their notion of marketing since modern technology took over. Acquiring more customers through virtual entertainment such as animation is definitely one of the modern highlights in marketing. Promotions only take seconds to let people know about a product or service.


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