The Importance and Necessity of Virtual Assistants in Australia

Australian businessmen and entrepreneurs could accomplish more by doing less. By doing less, it means doing more of the vital business activities, and shifting the trivial tasks to another- a Virtual Assistant (VA).

Do not hesitate to delegate

As admirable as it is to believe that one can do anything, one however, cannot do everything. This holds true, business-wise.

Recent research shows that multitasking hinders productivity, constant task shifting means constant attention shifting which stresses the brain and, thus, slowing output. Being in control does not guarantee an increase in profits; the delegation of the simple tasks may prove more valuable in terms of economy and efficiency.

The more time one spends accessing emails, scheduling appointments, entering data, answering calls, researching, organizing files- the bulk of clerical work- the more he or she strays from the core business operations.

When one delegates said minor tasks to the VA, focus can be concentrated on the main reasons for starting and growing the business. That means more time for closing deals, attending meetings, conceptualizing business strategies and yielding profits.

Apply the Pareto Principle

The Pareto Principle, or the 80/20 rule, states that 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. As applied to business, only 20% of business activities produce 80% of the profits. It is imperative, therefore, that the vital 20% be determined and focused by the employers as this can spell the difference between quotas reached and quotas exceeded.

Employers can entrust the repetitive and clerical tasks, tasks that are not contributory to the vital 20%, to a VA. Increased productivity may thus be expected as attention is concentrated towards the core business operations.

Cut Costs

            The hiring of VAs also results to costs being cut, both in terms of financial resources and time.

It is time-efficient since after the hiring and assigning of tasks, tasks which are usually of a routine nature and does not change daily, employers need only contact the VA when new tasks are on hand. This dispenses with everyday unnecessary interactions common with Personal Assistants. Also, the usual hours spent by the employers on the work now shifted to the VA means more hours for business-related tasks.

As explained, multitasking is not advisable. Micromanaging? All the more so. On the part of the VA, who is remotely situated, he/she could work unsupervised. On the part of the employer, it translates to less stress as constantly checking on Personal Assistants sometimes proves unnecessary. Presence is not an assurance that an employee is efficient.

It is cost-efficient since a VA, compared to a personal assistant, necessitates little or no upkeep. Costs of training, office spaces, supplies, taxes, among others are dispensed with.

In the world of business where time spent may equate to profit gained or profit lost, what else should smart businessmen and entrepreneurs do to be assured that cost does not result to loss? Invest in Virtual Assistants.

Do not hesitate to delegate. Apply the Pareto Principle. Cut Costs. Hire a Virtual Assistant.



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