Welcome To The Tech World

In the course of the industrial revolution, people were involved in physical labor and the like, yet life had more meaning to it. People in the early days were into the habit of working strenuously in getting things done and the result can feel so fulfilling.

Until the turning point of the century came. When the world suddenly changed. People caught themselves wondering how things happened that fast. There has been so much said about how this generation been inflicted with this wild wired world yet it has changed lives immensely.

Telecommunication, for one, had transformed — from being operator-assisted to simple touch technology. In the modern corporate world, the technological advancement had so much inculcated in words you can’t describe. From food to transportation, to fashion and just about anything, thus, we call this as a “hedonistic” generation wherein we live in a thrill of the moment as to being controlled by these computer-generated mechanical devices.

A certain example would be a built-in program on the phone which detects a sound of a crying baby and would alert you. And then there are apps for simple tasks like ordering food from a restaurant straight from your phone. Now, the question is, is technology controlling us or are humans allowing it to?

Speculations abound as to whether modern technology is a good thing or not and that is what baffles our minds today. As it was foreseen by the great Albert Einstein, “I fear the day that technology will surpass human interaction” and indeed he was right in some ways. However it’s still within our capacity if we defer from it.

It is understood that technological development is of an advantage, particularly, in respect to those who are incapacitated physically or mentally. One invention is the Stairlift machine which assists a person who is unable to walk to be able to ascend up the stairs while sitting comfortably. There are even voice-controlled/activated smart-home systems that react to a clap of the hands. There are items that can turn lights on or off with voice commands. Some items in the market also have motion sensors that activate once motion is detected.

Incredible as it can be, there are even driver-less cars already. Google has already been at the top of the game when it comes to this. Looking beyond what the future holds comes with so many surprises. Who knows just what technology could create later on? Flying automobiles could be good as it can be an advantage to the prevent road traffic.

We are pretty much existing in the age where technology has been embedded quite deep into our lives. No matter how most people detest these alterations, we come upon new creations almost every time. And for most people, some are convinced while quite a few are thinking otherwise. It is likely though for things to be reversed back in the olden days, only if and only if we change it ourselves and not allow this modern madness dominates us. Perhaps, the modernity of what is surrounding can be beneficial unless it is sensible to humanity.

In this age, businesses who stick to the old ways do not grow just much. While those businesses that venture and take advantage of the help that technology can bring has been growing quite steadily. Outsourcing is definitely a big sample of how technology has changed the world. And businesses are quite thankful for this.


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