Schedule Your Emails, Get High-Tech Help


The social media trends in this modern age are spreading so immensely that even in the simplest form of writing, putting on a glint for a word could instantly make it more appealing. Dating back to the olden days of mailing, it takes a while before you receive a response from the person you sent the letter to, and there may instances that you just don’t receive any at all. Modern technology has made things a lot easier and streamlined.

The coming of age of emailing brought about this very likable virtual postman called Boomerang. It is a web application that is very user-friendly. It’s more engaging to use especially in the world of virtual assistants where everything handy can be put to good use. This email helper is beneficial to people who always needs to be reminded. It features a reminder tool that pops up when you have to deal with an email.

It gives you total control of your emails and allows you to handle things based on the level of attention they need. This web application also has the ability to remind you when you have to respond to a certain matter that includes important dates such as birthdays, meetings, anniversaries and perhaps a good meet up with your friends over some hot coffee during the weekend.

If the email or correspondence is not addressed in the expected time, the letter/email will automatically be resent to the recipient until such time it will be corresponded to.

It’s like a virtual scheduler and an electronic postman rolled into one. What makes it more unique is it can even still work offline. Just because you are not online means that it would not do its purpose. This is its magic – it would still continue working despite not being online. For virtual assistants, this tool is helpful in cases when the client and the remote contractor are from two or three different time zones. In this way, there should be no need to catch up or stress over the designated time to attend to any project.

With this application, handling of follow-ups or important schedules can be quite a breeze.


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