The BPO Industry And Streak CRM to Virtual Assistant (A Helpful Tool)

During the 17th-century, people have already created the concept outsourcing to meet people’s demands when it comes to the production of goods and services that go with their daily living. The process of delivering these services is aided by outsourcing which eventually expanded into ideas that brought about the BPO industry along with other branches that work with it.

When telecommunication was developed, the outsourcing industry emerged – along with other human developments and technological advancements. Now, outsourcing has gone beyond its ordinary function. Customer service, for one, is providing assistance in certain queries and concerns of customers in any matter related to business. Industries dealing with food, fashion, medical, creative, and others dealing with legal varieties of the client’s demands have recourse the expansion of the call center industry from across the globe. Furthermore, companies have thought of the idea of bringing their business offshore, which linked companies to foreign countries.

Through this system, costs are cut remarkably, productivity is improved, and flexibility in the aspect of socio-economics is increased. It produces more jobs in developing countries and ultimately building ties among different cultures and races. There are also factors to consider apart from the disadvantages, such as unemployment on the counterpart of the country that works for the particular company as well as cultural and social differences although it is not much of a complication. In the current state of the globalization, the outsourcing industry is competitively producing good results so far and it is expected to soar to greater heights in the coming years.

Here’s software that has the capability of storing so much information in running a business such as with Virtual Assistants. One of which is Streak, the developer of a customer service management podium and was founded by Aleem Mawani and Omar Ismail in 2011.

Streak is one of the developers for Secure Gmail and was released as an iOS application in August of 2013. A source of ciphering messages in Gmail messages in a spreadsheet style. It is mainly a software application for organizing data, emails, calendars and all sorts of business information. Providing varieties of programs in backing up Safari web browsers and Google Chrome. A convenient platform for organizing important details such Project Management to just about any aspect of managing a business.

Streak is entirely crafted for your Gmail inbox management with its purposes such as for business records, partnerships, and statistical tools. It always comes handy when the need for holding a ton of data is weighing your inbox. Creating a pipeline for both personal and business purposes which eventually makes it more convenient especially if you are a type that creates a truckload of essays, with Streak it creates a Pipeline that is a charted in a seamless manner.

A helpful and reliable tool especially with concerns relating to the work of a Virtual Assistant that tackles a truckload of material, dealing with the business such as email management from clients including filtering. It is indeed a keeper of the salient parts out of an enormous amount of materials present. Try Streak, and see for yourself.


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