HelloSign for Gmail – Sign it up. Click it up

Wanting less hassle but want an interesting way to sign off a document in a jiffy? Introducing HelloSign for Gmail, a web application that creates signatures in a matter of minutes! It was back in the days when signing a paper would mean that you have to drive off to the recipient’s place, run up and down the stairs with the papers crinkled and moistened and all those days of wicked ways. With this new and easy-to-use Chrome browser extension, having to fill out an important document would be as easy as a click of a button. There is no need to leave your Gmail to get those documents signed.

HelloSign has several features. By selecting a file in your google drive marking it with the date, text or a special sign for any type of word processing application, with indicators where you must fill in.


Also, it includes a “Request Signature” that is assigned to the particular portion where the recipient is intended to place the signature, just indicate the spot and send off your request to the receiver.


Interesting enough, signing a document can be customized to make a sleek impression.  You can add a logo, tagline, and branding in any way you desire for your document to leave an impression on your clients. More importantly, your documents are protected by an SSL encryption and a secure software infrastructure ensuring that the signatures are protected from any recreation from the unnecessary mechanism.

This particular extension is a helpful tool that can be used especially for people working as Virtual Assistants, which means that having to compose and send a paper of special importance is like a walk in the park. When signing off a deal or a contract among business groups and fellow contractors they’re just one simple click away. Businesses and transactions from the olden days are now sealed in the mailbox. Signing a document has never been easier.


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