World Time Buddy – A New Way of Looking At Time

As the night draws near on the other half of the world, you are in the midst of sipping hot coffee to greet the coming morning.

For Virtual Assistants, this is the typical clock they work on being in that kind of field. It is a matter of knowing what time it is in the country of the client you are working for especially if they reside in a different timezone. With all these in mind, technology has finally come up with a strategy that combines time differences across the globe.

Introducing: World Time Buddy (WTB), a user-friendly interface that auto-detects your location. This helpful application was created out of desperation so as to be able to balance work and time with people working in different time zones especially those that have subscribed to personal virtual assistant services. This piece of application efficiently works on converting two or multiple time zones. It also has a planner, which can be used as a webinar and a scheduler for international meetings. Cleverly done in a way that it could detect your home location in no time, World Time Buddy (WTB) also allows you to drag and drop location searching which, because of its convenience, helps the user detect locations, wherever it may be in the world without the hassle of having to press multiple buttons. It maximizes work efficiency in a way that time is set right while going about your work according to your client’s demands. Something that all those who are a client of BPO services would want.

Aside from all the perks mentioned, this cool gadget boasts its ability to connect it with Google Calendar and share the information through a link. The good thing is, you can use this application even without signing in! So much for remembering usernames and passwords.

Working, whatever the time is, wherever the place you are in the globe, World Time Buddy (WTB) makes things excitingly easy while doing your work right at home or in the office. It is indeed a quality business tool or can simply be a private scheme no matter the date and time. The free mobile application is upgraded by one-time app purchase, it requires per platform upgrades if upgraded via iOS feature and not applicable for Android or the. Indeed, it is a program designed to help you breeze through your personal virtual assistant task in no time.


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