Doodle – Helping You Organize Things Better

Keeping things organized would mean arranging things in a systematic way. Organizing, especially at work, offers a lot of benefits such as increased productivity and reduced stress levels. In order to make organizing somehow easier, people usually look for and use organizers such as a simple notebook or folders in which papers are sorted by category.

The revolution in organizing began from the written organizers to the digital pocket organizer. A while back, a high-end online calendar and organizer application was created. It’s called the Doodle Organizer, an application that was made specifically to organize meetings, calendars, reminders, and alerts. Doodle, a company located in Zurich, Switzerland, was founded in 2007 by Michael Näf, its CEO, and his co-founder Paul Sevinç.

Working on things from one task to another is as manageable as it could ever be. This application allows you to seamlessly organize things for free. Also, it does not require any registration which means it won’t be necessary to remember any password or username.

Doodle is a helpful tool for people working as Virtual Assistants. It can be a good piece of a help in reminding tasks and schedules and in meeting your client’s demands. Unlike the conventional organizer where schedules are written on paper, in which most of the time they would tear up, and there are days when you barely understand your own writing, in Doodle you won’t be facing any of those problems. With this application, every scheduled meeting or important task is already set up on your desired time.

With Doodle, getting through the day and the rest of your scheduled calendar days can easily be attended to. It even allows you to share the link of reminders with your friends and keep them updated. It is a clean online organizer that makes organizing hassle-free and without interruptions unless you pop up a popcorn over a phone call that is.

For the daily grinder, going about 2 or more tasks is already the norm so it is likely that having a reminder to cue your every move is a reliable help, sort of like a work buddy. The application is also a good group organizer especially for organizing upcoming gatherings or meetings. This application can also be the solution for the worries of most Virtual Assistants who work remotely and have to deal with several tack schedules.

The application can be downloaded via the app store. Go try it out for yourself!



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