Canva – The New Face of Marketing

Admit it. We like beautiful things. We are visual creatures and attractive things makes it enjoyable and entertaining for us. Whatever entices our eyes makes it more appealing than anything else. We live in a world where visual attraction is an advantage for persuasion.

This make sense especially when you work for an advertising company since having to convince a customer begins from the initial appeal you put forth for your audience. Having great execution of marketing strategies is the key to gaining more customers and of course an advantage for gaining profit.

In 2012, a keen mind from Australia that goes by the name Guy Kawasaki developed a free graphic design tool called Canva. It is an avenue to countless graphics, photographs that features a drag and drop interface which makes it a useful tool for web and print media design and graphics. From the first year of its launching, it already gained over 750,000 of users. This is an indicator that this tool, because of its wide use, caters to a large aspect of marketing.

For Virtual Assistants, with Canva, it makes it easy to convey the point of business to clients since it covers a lot and has a variety of uses. Marketing strategies are more versatile, multi-media platforms have benefitted companies with a spike in profits and revenues. With countless media platforms out there, what’s important is for the marketing strategy to create a lasting impression. If the audience remembers and retains most of the information it helps in spreading the message. Canva helps make that a reality. It’s also a helpful way of connecting with the customers may it be in an emotional or humorous manner. Through Canva, you can help answer the questions and curiosity that builds up in the customer’s minds, in a creative way of course.


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