5 Tasks Your Virtual Assistant Can Do For Your Social Media Accounts

Many business owners know the importance of using social media in reaching prospects, customers and potential investors. But with all the overwhelming tasks involved in running a business, they tend to put social media marketing on the last part of their priority list. Successful entrepreneurs would agree that the secret to a successful social media campaign is hiring an efficient virtual assistant. But for hands-on entrepreneurs, it is not easy to delegate tasks to their newly hired virtual assistant. So, here’s a list of tasks that busy entrepreneurs can hand over to their virtual assistant:

1. Research and draft content.

It is important to engage your fans or followers with quality content that is both relevant and meaningful. You are expected to deliver valuable content even with just 140 characters. Content in social media can come many forms. It can be an infographic, a video, an image or link to a blog post that can be helpful or valuable to your target audience. Finding and creating content for social media promotion takes a lot of time. You can have your VA create or search for quotes, images, infographics or links that are related to your brand so that you can also share such on social media.

2. Monitor the activity on your page and engage your followers.

Social media has changed the way we promote our brand. Despite our best efforts to groom our brand image and say the nicest things about our products and services, people will always have their own opinion about our business. And they often turn to social media to express their comments, feedback or sentiments. Hence, it is important that you hire someone who can monitor your social media accounts for you.

Virtual assistants who are experienced in social media marketing could set up feeds so you get alerts in case there are any mentions of your brand, company, product, or name on the internet. This is one way of monitoring the social media activity and presence of your business. They can assist you in responding to generic inquiries of customers about your business. Your VA can also help you quickly address the negative feedback or complaints of your customers. 

3. Build and manage your network.

Follow the 70/30 rule when posting content in your page or account. Make sure that you only link back to your own site three out of every ten shares. It is important that you share and comment on content of other people or brands to develop connection with them and build your own network.

To make networking easier for you, you can also have your VA handle connections on social media accounts. Ask them to add new friends, connect with new people, or follow contacts that are on social media. These, of course, should be based on the criteria that you specifically set. It is also important to promote or mention industry leaders in your niche.  

4. Make sure that your accounts or pages are able to keep up with the latest updates of every social media platform.

All social networking sites get updates from time to time. These changes can affect you and your brand or business a lot if you are not aware of what is happening. With a VA on your service, these social media updates will not be missed as your VA will be focused on social media and everything on it. The slightest changes on the social networking site will not be missed by your virtual assistant.

5. Manage Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads is an effective strategy to expand the reach of your brand. What you can do is have your VA set up a campaign ad on Facebook or set it up yourself and have your VA monitor the campaign once it is up and running. Any results can be tracked by your virtual assistant. Have him or her report to you all results of the campaign so you can see what you can improve on or what you need to continue.


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