7 Telemarketing Tips For BPO Employees

There are different opinions about telemarketing but those businesses that meticulously pick a staff made up of telephone sales professionals will surely have much to gain. Telemarketers can help a business grow their lead base and increase sales. If you want to be an effective telemarketer, make sure that you stick with the best telemarketing advice and tips to make sure that you get the most out of all calls.

Here are some telemarketing tips to help you become a good telesales representative:

  1. It is crucial that you know the power of using someone’s name when interacting with them. So, before you call one of your prospects on your list be sure that you properly pronounce their name. If you are not sure, you can check first with a peer or team leader regarding the correct pronunciation of the person’s name you are calling. Starting a call with a mispronounced name of your prospective client will surely give a person a hint that you don’t know him or her and you just want to sell or offer something.
  2. Begin each shift in high spirits and with a positive attitude. Make sure that you keep that enthusiasm throughout until the last phone call. The person you are calling on the other line picks up on a dull tone in your voice and tend to quickly lose their interest. On the other hand, a cheerful tone can be contagious.
  3. Make sure that you learn the script given to you by your employer. Understand and memorize the vital key points of the script so you will not need to refer to it each time you are engaged in a call. Personalize the script by modifying some parts of it to suit your personality, but make sure that you keep up with any language your company requires you to use when discussing the features of your products or services.
  4. Rehearse your script to help you speak with more confidence. Pay attention to your tone and energy when you practice, so you can confidently carry both of those things into your calls with prospects.
  5. Start your call strong but make certain that you can sustain that strength throughout the entire period of your call. If you begin with a high energy and so much zeal, your call will surely last longer than you expect it to be. The prospect will know that you did not rely mainly on your script while conversing with them and thus keeping them interested.
  6. Review all the features and benefits of your products or services. Know what makes your product standout from the crowd. Once you catch the interest of your prospects, they will start asking questions and your ability to quickly answer their inquiries can make all the difference in whether the prospect decides to take your offer or not.
  7. In case you encounter questions that you do not have a good answer, patterns in the concerns or objections prospects express in your calls, take note of those observations. Then, you can share them with your supervisor so you can collaborate to find a solid answer to these questions.

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